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Thank you for trusting BLLP with your investment! We look forward to assisting you, as we partner together to set vision into motion. Please review our services, and click the link below to schedule an assessment appointment to review your needs so that we can provide strategic and effective solutions. 


This is an advisory service that provides strategic guidance and direction for your organization or brand. We observe your systems, identify areas of improvement, and provide solutions. 


This service is a hybrid of professional guidance and implementation. Clients will have the opportunity to purchase a series of coaching sessions so that we can walk you through how to implement the strategies necessary to take your organization to the next level.

Brand Management

This service is focused on shaping a brand's creative direction while maintaining a uniform tone of voice, brand identity, and design throughout all aspects of the brand's messaging. We will manage communication and collaboration with various internal and external stakeholders. As a brand manager, we will act as the advocate and ambassador of the brand, and ensure that the brand's message and value are clearly and effectively conveyed to the relevant audiences.

For more information about investment prices, please schedule an appointment to review your needs and assess how BLLP  we can provide strategic and effective solutions. 


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